Thursday, 11 February 2016


Actually, I meant to write this post at the beginning of February. Now I have finally got around to it, I find that we are almost half way through the month.

So what have I been doing that has taken up so much of my time? Not a lot, actually!

I have been trying to update my website a little. I felt it was looking rather dull and needed a touch up here and there. Anyway, it looks much brighter, but I still feel something is lacking. Perhaps you could go and take a look and let me know what you think.
Simply follow the link - Eileen Thornton   and it will take you straight there.

I have also been working on my latest novel. Yes I have picked up the threads again and really trying to get it finished - though there is a long way to go!. I have decided to call it Murder on Tyneside as it is set in the City of Newcastle on Tyne. I hadn't planned on a murder, but somehow, someone has managed to get themselves murdered on the quayside - Bessy Surtees House to be exact. But the story sort of led me in that direction and who am I to argue with the characters in my novel?

Anyway, I am quite excited about it and have even contacted a photographer about using one of his excellent photographs for the cover. Hopefully my publisher will agree with the cover situation. But there I go, getting ahead of myself again. My publisher might not even like the manuscript. This writing lark is all such a waiting game.

At the moment my novel, Divorcees.Biz is on special offer at the moment. Which is another reason I am late in getting this post out. I have been trying to spread the word out there in the world and it does take time, even though I am using the internet. Anyway the book can be downloaded for only 99c or 99p depending on where you are. If anyone would like to pass the word around to their friends & relations I would be very grateful. However the sale ends on 15th February so you would need to be quick.

Well I think that is all for the moment.

Have a great day wherever you are.

Chink! Chink!

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Tying up Loose Ends!

January always seems to be a long month. Am I the only one to think this or do any of you out there feel the same way? I don't know why, but some months seem to fly past, yet, to me, January feels the urge to plod along at its own slow pace - and there are still three days to go.

My birthday is at the end of January, but I don't think that has anything to do with why I feel it is slow. Quite honestly I have reached an age where I have stopped celebrating birthdays. It just tends to remind me how old I am getting. How did I ever get onto such a depressing subject.

These blog posts are meant to be positive and uplifting. All pointing out the lighter and brighter side of life. Must change the subject quickly!
A Surprise for Christine

Okay for a start my anthology of short stories, A Surprise for Christine will be starting a special offer on Thursday 28th.Jan. For one week you will be able to pick it up from Amazon for only 99c/99p. But like I said the offer only lasts one week, so don't miss out.

The short stories are all light-hearted and upbeat and short enough to enjoy with your morning coffee break. They were all previously published in women's magazines in the UK at a time when I did freelance writing.

Anyway, like I said if you want to give the stories a shot then take a look on Amazon.

I have just come off the phone from Sainsburys. I was checking our bank statement when I noticed that Sainsburys hadn't taken out the money for our last delivery of groceries. So, I gave them a ring to inform them.  Anyway, it is all sorted now and the morning will be taken sometime today. I think they were amazed at how honest I was, considering the bill was for over £130.

I called this post - Tying up Loose Ends, but now I come to think of it, I don't really have any loose ends to tie up. Everything in my life seems to be all sewn up at the moment. How sad is that?

Therefore, unless I come up with something really way out of this world, I guess that is it for the time being. Or at least until February.

In the meantime, have a great day wherever you are and enjoy whatever you are doing!

Chink! Chink!

Friday, 22 January 2016


Okay, everyone, How is the month of January going for you?

January always seems such a long month to me. It's cold, wet, dismal and there is always the chance of snow. So really, January doesn't have much going for it, does it?

In my case it has less going for it than it ever it did. I had my first ever prang in the car earlier this week. Can you believe it. Out of all the years I have been driving, bearing in mind that I learned to drive in North London many years ago and drove around there without the slightest hint of trouble, I had to scrape against another car on a  quiet road here in the Borders. Anyway, there is nothing I can do about it now. The slight dent will be sorted and the car will look like new. But I know it happened and will be fed up for some time to come. Not such a good start to 2016 for me!

Anyway, back to something more cheerful. I saw some photos of my lovely nephew, which were taken while he, his parents and other members of his family were on a short break. He certainly looks as though he is enjoying himself.  This one shows him in front row with his cousins having a whale of a time. I am not sure what they are doing but you can't mistake the happy smile on his face - rosy cheeks and all,

I have decided I am going to put together a letter about the forthcoming referendum on the EU.

I know I am not politically minded, but I feel that I have a right to add my feelings to the debate and I will say Out! Actually if the truth were known I voted to stay out when we were given the chance all those years ago. Even then, I wasn't comfortable with the idea and quite honestly it has turned out worse than I ever dreamed it would.

Therefore I am going to have my say this time around. At least I will feel better knowing I have added something to the debate, even if no one takes any notice!.

Can anyone remember way back in the 60's there were a group of women who got together and started a "We're Backing Britain" campaign. Back then lots people joined them and I recall that whatever mess we were in then got sorted, because everyone pulled together. I wonder where those women are now? I would be interested to know.

Anyway, that is what I propose to do. I would welcome your thoughts on the matter.

On that note, I will close, for today, but I do hope you are having a great day!


Chink! Chink!

Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year!

First of all I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and all best wishes for 2016.

I am sure you did all manner of wonderful things to bring in the New Year and had a wonderful time in the process.  As for me... I went to bed!

This must be the first time I haven't seen in the New Year with a glass in my hand! But there you go. I suppose there is a first time for something, for everyone! I hope you understand that last sentence! I think I do!

Just to emphasise the point, I have added a photo of me taken many years ago. We were throwing one of our many New Year's Eve Parties at our house.

No, we didn't party or sip a drink as the clock chimed the midnight hour, we simply slept through the whole thing.

We did have a fun Christmas, though! We went off to Nidd Hall, a wonderful hotel near Harrogate in Yorkshire and had a great time. The staff were wonderful and the food was great. It was a bonus not to have to think about what we were going to have for each meal. It was all there prepared for us. Actually, there was too much food! we actually skipped two meals during our stay.

The Pavilion Theatre, the heart of the hotel, had various shows on all day and we were entertained by some wonderful acts, such as Martin Daniels (son of Paul) and the wonderful Todd Miller Orchestra, which was formed by Joe Loss some years ago..

Anyway, it was all very nice and a big thank you must go to all the people who made our stay so wonderful.

The only sorry thing was that we had a puncture on the way there. Can you imagine it? The tyre suddenly decided that it had had enough and let us down on the A1. After some delay the car was lifted onto a truck and we were taken to a Kwik Fit Centre in Morpeth, where we were fitted with a new tyre and sent on our way.

I do hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that the true meaning of the Season of Good Will wasn't forgotten while opening your presents.

Have a great day however you are spending it.

Happy New Year to you all.

Chink Chink!

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Happy Christmas!

 Happy Christmas!

Well Christmas is almost here again. It's hard to believe that another year had flown by.

I hope you have all got everything sorted and are waiting for Christmas Day to arrive. I can't believe that I have everything ready six days before Christmas. I am usually dashing around at the last minute trying to find what I should give to whom. Is that right, or should it have been who? No I think I was right the first time!

But for some reason this year I have everything wrapped and ready to be dished out to friends and family at the appropriate time.

Recently, I thought it had been a while since we'd had sherry in the house, so I decided to buy a bottle ready for Christmas. However, in a weak moment I thought I had better taste it. You must understand that it was just to make sure that it was as good as I remembered it and was fit to give to anyone who called in over the festive season.

Yes, you've guessed it. We drank it all. I couldn't believe how quickly it disappeared. But after checking the bottom of the bottle to make sure there wasn't a hole, I had to admit that all those odd slurps meant that we had used it all up and needed to get another bottle! To be on the safe side, I bought two and then hid one! I only hope I remember where I put it when the time comes!

So how are you all doing with your present wrapping? I expect you are all done and dusted by now. I also think that your presents will all be wrapped much better than mine. While yours will all have been neatly wrapped with neat little ribbons tied into neat little bows, mine are stuck together with cellotape... and not at all neatly.

The ones that came in boxes are okay, it's the gifts with odd shapes that are the problem. The paper doesn't wrap around at all well and bits bulge out here there and everywhere.

I know you can buy boxes to put gifts into, which makes them easier to wrap. But, I never seem to go down that road. I usually take the road with all the twists and turns. My whole life has been one of twists and turns so why should I change now?

We are seeing my niece and her husband on Sunday. And of course our Great Nephew Christopher. He is two and a half now and growing fast. We are looking forward to seeing them all again. I hear that Christopher is really looking forward to Santa making his annual visit. I would love see him opening his presents!

Well I think that's all for the moment except to say I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year/

Chink Chink!

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Pit Stop!

Just stopping by to let you know that Cassidy Salem was chosen as the winner Holiday Trailer Block Party.

A copy of The Trojan Project is already on its way to her! I do hope you enjoy it, Cassidy!


I went out this morning to deliver cards to the people living in the village. It was absolutely freeezzzing. I was so happy to get back indoors.

Stay warm everyone and I will be back shortly!

Have a great day!


Chink! Chink!

Monday, 7 December 2015



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Friday, 4 December 2015

So One Door Closes...

That's exactly what is happening at the moment.

The promotion for Only Twelve Days at 99c/99p
comes to an end on 5th December 

But not to worry because Divorcees.Biz
has already started on a special offer.

Yes you read that right! 

Divorcees.Biz is now on offer for only 99c/99p

It's almost like waiting an hour for a bus 
and then two come along at once. 

Anyway, I do hope you will all follow the link
 and download a copy of this fun romance.

Happy Reading everyone!


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