Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Feelings of Things!

I suppose you all realise by now that I am a little zany in how I think and act!
Therefore you won't be surprised to learn that a little of this shows up in two of my stories in my anthology - A Surprise for Christine 

You see, I have this thing in my head that all things on this earth have feelings. For instance, peas in a pod, beans in a can. even a bus trying its best to overcome the daily chore of doing the same route day in and day out! Wouldn't you get sick of that? Don't you ever get sick of doing the same job at the same time every day? Therefore why shouldn't the bus? Or anything else for that matter? Nothing in this world likes to be left out and unloved. Even your own arms or legs. Do you treat them both exactly the same? Or do you give one a good wash, while the other merely gets a quick rub? Do you stop to think that one is going to be jealous of the other? It might be, you never know.

To learn more about the feelings of buses and peas, as I see them, you need to read my two short stories in the above mentioned anthology, "The Last Pea on the Plate" & "The Number 57 Bus". Perhaps you will come around to my way of thinking - or not! It might simply confirm your opinion that I am even more crazy than you first thought!

Whatever you decide, I have certainly given you something to think about. And look at it this way, I did set you thinking about something your would never otherwise have thought of - so who is crazy now?

Yesterday was my husband's birthday. I had no idea what to buy him. What do you buy for people who have most things they want or need. In the end I bought him a new vacuum cleaner.  The old one was driving me mad, it didn't seem to pick up any more and had to press the head on the floor so hard I was having back trouble. The new vacuum is being delivered today, so hopefully my troubles are over! I knew I would think of something to buy for him in the end.

Well, all I will leave you on that positive note

Have a great day, wherever you are.


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Not Only One - but TWO!

Yesterday my novel 'Only Twelve Days' went up for grabs at only 99c/99p. The offer is to last the whole week.

However, if that wasn't enough to be going on with, today my other romantic read, 'Divorcees. Biz', suddenly decided that it didn't want to be left on the shelf, so to speak, so it, too is now on sale for 99c/99p.

Only Twelve Days

If you enjoy reading heart-warming love stories or novels of fun & romance, I suggest you head over to an Amazon near you and download your copy today!

Or you could make my heart sing, and download both copies while you are there! If you do, please tell me which one you liked the best!

You might recall that I was going to start a diet at the New Year - well unfortunately it isn't working. For some reason I can't get myself motivated this time. I had hoped that I would have lost some weight by now. After all we are two months into 2015 and I am stuck. I really need to get a grip on myself and give myself a good talking to. The spring, then the summer will be here before long and I won't be able to fit into anything. Okay, I know I could go and buy something new, but I don't really want to buy anything in a larger size. So you see my dilemma. Things are just not going to plan!

I don't think I have mentioned that wonderful series, The West Wing for some time. Well it is still at the top of my agenda. I finished watching the series for the umpteenth time recently and what did I do - yes you are ahead of me - I started watching it from the beginning all over again. You are right! there is not enough going on in my life!

By the way, just before I go, ff you haven't already dropped by to see my website, I would be grateful if you would take a look sometime. Eileen Thornton   Go on, humour me  :-)

That's all for the moment, Have a brilliant day wherever you are and I do hope the sun is shining down on you.


Thursday, 19 February 2015

A Surprise for Christine

A Surprise for Christine is a collection of short stories.

A Surprise for Christine

The collection was originally published under the title Twelve of the Best, but my publisher thought that it was time they were given a new title and a brand new cover and hopefully a whole new lease of life.

The stories are light-hearted, very easy to read and would fit in nicely with your coffee break. (if you manage to get a coffee break in your busy day)

Anyway if you are looking for a quick read, then A Surprise for Christine could be something you might be interested in.

They seem to have finished digging up the streets in Kelso or at least I thought they had. But it now seems that there was something not quite right because they are at it again. The pavement outside the Town Hall is up again. I think this must be about the third time they have fiddled around outside there.
Could they possibly be looking for something a workman left behind? Or more importantly, could they be looking for one of the workmen?

Is it possible that when they did a head count at the end of the day, they found that one man was missing and had to come back and start looking for him? Okay, I know it sounds stupid and probably is, but why do they have to keep tearing up the areas that have been done once or even twice before unless they are missing something?

I play the lottery online and the other day I received an email to say my ticket had been lucky. I was to go to my account and find out how much the ticket was worth. As it turned out, I have won £25, which is very nice, but wouldn't it have been wonderful if there has been a few more noughts on the end. I could have seen our family were okay and set up a fund for our gorgeous nephew. But it wasn't to be - at least not this time. But you never know - one day...

I think that is all for the moment, except to wish you all good luck in whatever you do.

Have a great day


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Fifty Shades of Romance!

Valentine's Day is almost upon us once again.  But this year, there is a little added extra, as the film version of Fifty Shades of Grey is about to be launched.

I haven't read the book and I certainly have no interest in the film. Therefore, as there may be more people like me out there I thought you might like to take a look at some of the other books on offer. There are plenty of romance novels on the go and all without a hint of 'Grey'.

If you follow the link (above) it will lead you to my website where you will find a selection of romance novels written by author friends of mine. I'm sure there will be something there to suit every taste. Click on any book for more information.

So why not give it a whirl. You'll never know until you try.

That's it for the moment.

Have a great day thumbing through the books.


Sunday, 1 February 2015

Wonderful News!

Yes, I have had some wonderful news today:

The video trailer for The Trojan Project has won the January contest at Cold Coffee Cafe

As you can imagine I am delighted and would be grateful if you would follow the link and take a look.

Those who have read the book will agree that the video, designed by Creativia, really depicts the mood of the novel very well.

No more news at the moment except to say that it was my birthday on Friday. This means I an one year older. Not that I feel any older, but the calendar says I am, so it must be true.

On that note, I will close.

Have a great day!!


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Special Offer + UPDATE!

A quick update to let you know that my latest interview can be found on Cold Coffee Cafe take a look when you have a moment.

For the next 7 days you will be able to download The Trojan Project for only 99c/99p from Amazon.

The Trojan Project
As you can imagine this is very exciting for me, as it means people are given the opportunity to read this spine-chilling novel for one third of the normal price. As an author, I want as many people as possible to read my books. I suppose in a way, by reading my books, people are actually getting into my head, so to speak. They are being given the chance to find out what makes me tick.

Some friends have told me that they were amazed after they had read The Trojan Project. Saying they never would have thought that me, the person they thought they knew, could think up such a plot as portrayed in The Trojan Project.  It just goes to show, it's always the quiet ones...  :-) 

Having said that, my following novel, Divorcees.Biz, was completely different. It is a novel of fun and romance. Which means I completely changed my way of thinking when I wrote that one.  

But back to The Trojan Project. I do hope you will take the chance and download a copy at this low price while you can. If you enjoy it, then, please, tell the world - if you don't, then best just tell me - quietly!

Thanks everyone

Have a great day!


Friday, 16 January 2015

So, How is it for you?

Have you been hit by strong winds, rain or snow?

Here in the Scottish Borders, we have been very lucky. Though we have had the gales and the rain, we haven't had snow or power failures - not where I live, anyway. That is something to be thankful for. There was a time, a few years ago, when the first blast of wind brought down the powerlines and we were without power for days before it was restored. It was only when our MSP intervened that something was done about it.

I haven't wanted to say anything about the Scottish referendum vote. For me it is over and done with. Personally, I would have accepted whatever the decision.  But I am so fed up with reading about all the moans and groans because the Yes campaign lost, I felt I had to say something.

It was a fair vote. Everyone in Scotland was given the opportunity to go to the polling station and vote whichever way they wanted. As it turned out the No vote won by 10% Why can't the losers at the very least accept that and get on with their lives rather than try to overturn the result?  We are supposed to live in a democracy.

Okay, that is all I am going to say about that. This is meant to be a fun blog. I try to keep politics out of it and talk about the lighter side of life - Like for instance a friend of mine called yesterday and we enjoyed a bottle of champagne. Did I hear someone ask what we were celebrating?  Err - nothing. No we weren't celebrating anything at all.  We don't need to be celebrating something to enjoy a glass or two of champagne. Not at all. If we had to wait for something to celebrate before getting together for a drink, then we would both be teetotal by now.

My friend and I are still waiting to go to Newcastle again. It has been some while since we were there. But as the bus we use has to go over Carter Bar, we don't want to be stuck up there in snow! However, rest assured once we feel it is safe, we will be back on course again.

That's all for the moment

Cheers all!!

Visit my website when you have a moment.  Eileen Thornton

Friday, 9 January 2015

January 2015!

So here we are, January 2015! Can you believe it?

Where did 2014 go? Actually come to think of it, where did the last 14 years go?

It only seems like yesterday that when we entered the year 2000, we were told that planes might fall from the sky, because computers wouldn't be able to cope with the change from 1999 to 2000. All manner of things were predicted, yet none have come to pass.

And now here we are in the year 2015. Dare we even contemplate what is in store for us? Though there are a few who would like to know, perhaps it's best we don't. Perhaps we all mull along as we usually do and cope with things as they turn up.

Personally that is how I prefer to look on life. I would rather not know what is going to happen to me tomorrow, next week or even next month. I am happy in my ignorance. That way I get up each morning and look at the little sign I have hanging on my kitchen wall and say "Yes!"  The sign reads "Today is Going to be the Best Day Ever." Then whatever happens during the day, I cope with it.

Okay, I know this is getting too depressing, so I will move on. My publisher is sorting out a new cover for my anthology - Twelve of The Best. The short stories are all uplifting and were previously published in women's magazines here in the UK There is nothing sinister about any of them. Just simple stories where right overcomes wrong.

The anthology will most likely have a new title, too, as the publisher is adding more of my short stories. Can't call it Twelve of the Best if there are more than twelve stories can they? Anyway, I will let you know more about it when it is up and running. But in the meantime if you want to take a look at the current ebook follow the link. Twelve of the Best

Meanwhile I would be really chuffed if you would head over to my website. I have added a counter to let me know how many people are stopping by to take a look. So what I need now are a few folks to log on and send the counter rolling.  Actually you might even like to have a look around the site while you are there. Follow the link - Eileen Thornton

I think that is it for today,

Have a good day wherever you are!